Your health in your hands

Our vision

You control your medical information and have it in your hand.

You manage your day to day health.

You participate in medical progress by sharing your health information and get rewarded for it.

As a result, you are getting highly personalized therapies and care tools in the setting of your choice, and cost less to the system.

Our Work

We are dedicated to innovation in digital health and drug discovery. 

We provide strategic guidance, governance and seed capital.


  • Venture Partner with LBO France, a digital health fund
  • Consult for companies in life science and digital health

Venture Partner


  • Leads or participates in the developments of new companies, including Genelpis and Atiaspharma
  • Role : Executive Chairman / CEO / Board Member

current boards

Gene therapy start up, with a licensed technology and a completed seed round
Accelerating drug development with virtual trial design and tools

Board Memberships for LBO France

Leads the gait analysis, mobility monitoring and rehabilitation fields
Develops, manufactures and markets innovative 3D imaging and modelling solutions for clinical trials and physicians
Develops, manufactures and markets next generation digital PCR equipment and disposable for the laboratory and diagnostic industry
Tribun Healthcare
Leads the field of digital pathology with an end to end software and storage solution

Selected past board memberships


  • Either directly in private companies or via partnerhips

current investments include

Leads the field of on demand enzyme based DNA synthesis
Gene therapy start up, with a licensed technology and a complete seed round
Leads the field of off the shelf Gamma Delta T cell therapy for cancers
Develops, manufactures and sell Tyto, a device enabling remote consultation based on the real time collection and sharing of relevant vital metrics
Develops a proprietary formulation of the leading multiple sclerosis treatment agent

Philippe Chambon

Managing Director

Philippe Chambon Md Phd is the Managing Director of eHealth2030/eSante2030. He is also Venture Partner since early 2018 with the Digital Health team of LBOFrance, a French Private equity firm. He is also the President of Genelpis, a gene therapy start-up based in Paris. For the prior 22 years, Philippe was doing Venture Capital investments in healthcare in the US; first with The Sprout Group, a diversified venture firm, and then with New Leaf Venture Partners, a dedicated healthcare venture firm. He led the creation of New Leaf Venture Partners from the Sprout group in 2015. Over his career, he has raised over $1 billion and invested in companies at all stage of growth from start-up to public companies and small buy-outs in Healthcare Information Technologies and Life Sciences. He earned and MDPhD from University of Paris V and an MBA from Columbia University.

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